All questions relating to preparing for and attempting a crossing of the Cook Strait are contained here. If you have further questions, please contact Phil directly on the “Contact Us” page
What do I need to bring for my swim?
  • Swimwear cap and goggles tinted and clear and at least 3 pair broken in .
  • Your swim food (we have plenty of hot water and thermos flasks to keep your water and food hot)
  • Your own grease, however we can supply strait grease.
  • Warm clothes for after (we have plenty of blankets for warmth).
  • Your supporters must bring a cut lunch tea and coffee is supplied.
What is the typical distance to each swim?
26 kilometres.
What is the water temperature?
It ranges from 14 to 19 degrees.
What time do the swims generally start?
Whatever the tides times are.
What are the normal tidal currents during the swim?
The vary a lot and your swim management team monitor these continually.
How many people have successfully completed the swim?

130 to date but you can find out more on our “History and Facts” page

Are experienced captains available?
Phil coordinates the swim including captains, boats and support people.
Do you need a kayaker as well?
No as an inflatable boat is provided by the team
What percentage of swims encounter sharks?
1 swim in 15 to 20. Fish life is well fed and only come around to be nosy.
Has anyone ever been attacked during a swim?
How many people attempt the swim each year?
Around 10 to 12 depending on the weather conditions over the year.
What are the most common reasons attempts fail?
Not swimming at the pace stated prior to the attempt.
– Not fit enough
– Hypothermia
– Change in weather conditions
What other forms of marine hazards are present?
Jelly fish but most of the time they are non stinging varieties. But blue bottle jellys have been known to sting
How often will I be able to feed with the tidal conditions?
Every 30 minutes is preferable.
How long a time frame should I give myself?
A minimum of two weeks. You will have to book your swim in as swimmers usually book up to two years in advance. If you are still interested please phone or correspond by email.